Specialty coffee - Decaffeinated espresso blend

Decaffeinated espresso with notes of dark chocolate, honey, brown spices, and nuts.




Dark chocolate, honey, brown spices, and nuts


Origin: Colombia – Pitalito, Huila
Altitude: 1400-2000 meters above sea level
Varieties: Caturra, Castillo
Processing: Washed, sugar cane decaffeination process
SCA Score: 83.00 points

An exclusive blend of the finest coffees from the Asocafe Tatama Santuario, El Aguila, and Entreverdes regions. Created in partnership with "Raw Material," this coffee not only supports producers in Risaralda but also brings their high-quality harvests to the specialty market.

Our decaffeination process, which uses ethyl acetate derived from sugar cane, is a natural and environmentally friendly method. It begins with steaming the beans to efficiently remove the caffeine without compromising the rich flavors. The result is a coffee that not only impresses in taste but also demonstrates responsibility for people and nature. Enjoy Risaralda Decaf – where quality, sustainability, and passion are palpable in every cup.

Roasting information

This coffee is roasted for espresso, meaning it has a higher intensity, rich texture, and sweetness, as well as lower acidity and more pronounced caramelization aromas. The roast level ensures high sweetness, balanced acidity, and very low bitterness. Although especially suitable for espresso machines and moka pots, you can also enjoy it with other methods if you prefer a richer coffee. The espresso reaches its best quality around 2 weeks after the roast date.

Use and storage

We recommend enjoying this coffee within 3 months of the roast date.
Store it in a dry and cool place, between +16 and +25 degrees Celsius.

Additional information
Weight N/A
Packaging and quantity

1 kg package


250 g can


250 g package

Grind level

Whole Beans


Ground for Aeropress


Ground for Chemex


Ground for direct consumption or French Press


Ground for Ibrik


Ground for espresso machine


Ground for drip coffee maker


Ground for Moka pot


Ground for V60, Kalita, Origami

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Taste profile

This decaffeinated coffee offers a rich and multifaceted flavor experience that indulges the senses with a blend of dark chocolate, honey, brown spices, and nuts.

The dark chocolate forms the foundation of this coffee, imparting a profound, slightly bitter note. The honey adds a gentle sweetness to the beverage, which perfectly harmonizes with the chocolate, creating a pleasing balance.

Brown spices, such as cinnamon or cloves, contribute a warm, spicy nuance to the coffee, adding depth to its flavor profile. These spices complement the chocolate and honey in a subtle manner without overpowering them.

The nut elements round out the overall profile by imparting a delicate, lightly roasted note to the coffee. The harmonious combination of dark chocolate, honey, brown spices, and nuts makes this decaffeinated coffee a delightful choice for those seeking a full-bodied and complex flavor experience without caffeine.

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