Specialty coffee - Espresso blend - Sweet & Fruity

Notes of dark chocolate and dried fruits with a pleasantly long flavor profile.




Full-bodied and jam-like texture. Notes of dark chocolate and dried fruits, with a long, sweet aftertaste.


We created this blend for the Roast Masters 2019 competition in Milan, where the challenge was to craft an espresso blend that celebrates the specialty coffee industry and introduces a new idea. That's exactly what we did, and this blend was one of the reasons we came back with a silver medal. The idea - to use higher-rated coffees to achieve intense and complex flavors, but roast them in a way that maintains a flavor balance and a texture friendly to all coffee lovers. The result - a truly sweet, complex, competitive coffee that's a hit for any occasion.

Roasting information

Roast level - 6/10
This coffee is roasted for espresso, meaning it has higher intensity, rich texture, and sweetness, lower acidity, and pronounced caramelization aromas. The roast level results in a high level of sweetness, balanced acidity, and very low bitterness. While especially suitable for espresso machines and Moka pots, you can also enjoy it with other methods if you prefer a richer coffee.
Espresso roasts reach their peak quality about 2 weeks after the roast date.

Use and storage

We recommend enjoying this coffee within 3 months of the roast date.
Store it in a dry and cool place, between +16 and +25 degrees Celsius.

Additional information
Weight N/A
Grind level

Whole Beans


Ground for Aeropress


Ground for Chemex


Ground for direct consumption or French Press


Ground for Ibrik


Ground for espresso machine


Ground for drip coffee maker


Ground for Moka pot


Ground for V60, Kalita, Origami

Packaging and quantity

1 kg package


250 g can


250 g package

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Taste profile

The specialty coffee "Jellybean" offers a remarkable flavor profile that takes the senses on an aromatic journey. This coffee is characterized by nuances reminiscent of dark chocolate and dried fruits, providing a pleasantly long flavor profile.

With the first sip, an intense flavor of dark chocolate reveals itself. The chocolate notes are rich and seductive, giving the coffee a deep, slightly bitter sweetness and creating a flavor base that captivates the palate.

Ergänzt wird das Schokoladenaroma von subtilen Nuancen von trockenen Früchten, die dem Kaffee eine fruchtige und leicht herbe Dimension hinzufügen. Diese fruchtigen Noten bringen eine angenehme Komplexität in den Geschmack und sorgen für eine harmonische Balance mit der Schokolade.

What particularly distinguishes the "Jellybean" coffee is its pleasantly long flavor profile. The flavors linger on the tongue for a long time and develop gradually, ensuring an enjoyable and sustainable taste experience.

Overall, the specialty coffee "Jellybean" is a delicious discovery for coffee lovers. With its nuances of dark chocolate and dried fruits, as well as its pleasantly long flavor profile, it offers a sensory and flavorful journey that invites you to linger.

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