Coffee specialties from our own roasting

Welcome to BREW, your gateway to the exquisite world of specialty coffee! In our online shop, you immerse yourself in a select range of coffee specialties, carefully chosen from the best growing regions worldwide. At BREW, quality, craftsmanship, and the joy of perfect coffee enjoyment take center stage. Discover a rich variety of flavors and taste nuances that make each cup an unforgettable experience. We invite you to be inspired by our passion for high-quality coffee and elevate your personal coffee enjoyment to a new level.

Certificates and awards


The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) is an international organization specializing in the promotion and advancement of high-quality coffee. Founded in 1982, it is headquartered in the USA. The SCA is committed to improving the entire coffee value chain, from production to processing to preparation. Here you can learn more about the SCA.


A B-Corporation, (Benefit Corporation) it is a corporate structure that aims not only to generate profits but also to have a positive impact on society and the environment. Unlike conventional companies, which often focus solely on financial success, B-Corporations must demonstrate that they make a positive contribution to society by meeting strict standards and undergoing regular assessments. Here you can learn more about B-Corp.

Our values

Since our inception, we have aligned our decisions with our core values, with sustainability being one of them. Based on these core values, we have developed internal policies focusing on production practices, collaboration with suppliers and partners, and a genuine regard for the environment. We consistently strive for a company that operates in a sustainable manner.

Zertifizierte Produktion

Certified production



Umweltfreundliche Produktion

Environmentally friendly production

Ausnahmslose Zufriedenheit

Uncompromising satisfaction


Visit us in person

Aachener Straße 58, 40223 Düsseldorf

To fully reflect our vision of a modern and easily accessible coffee experience, we have a local store for our specialty coffee. In our shop, you have the opportunity to enjoy our coffee at its best, purchase beans for home enjoyment, refill your coffee tins with freshly roasted beans, or simply enjoy a cup of coffee along with freshly baked pastries.

Customer testimonials

Let our customers' words convince you.

Reshat salja
Reshat salja
20. Mai, 2024
Super schönes Kaffee mit tollem Flair und super Kaffee . Ich komme auf jedenfalls wieder .
Michael Chromoikin
Michael Chromoikin
11. Mai, 2024
Comfortable and cosy place to grab a pure over coffee and work on your laptop. They have Wi-Fi.
Maria Petrisor
Maria Petrisor
9. Mai, 2024
Sehr guten Kaffee ☕️ sehr angenehme Atmosphäre und freundliche Bedienung❤️
Maria Kz
Maria Kz
5. Mai, 2024
Nice vibes!
Vlad M.
Vlad M.
1. Mai, 2024
War in den letzten 2 Wochen 2 mal da. Jedes Mal top. Der Kaffee wird mit Liebe zubereitet. Starker Kaffee. Vollmundig und top schaum. Für den matcha vanilla latte wird mit sproud erbsenmilch gemacht. Schmeckt Sehr gut obwohl ich kein matcha Fan bin. Das Gebäck ist ebenfalls gut wenn auch nicht überragend. Der Service ist nett. Einrichtung ist 2 geteilt..etwas kühl vorne und gemütlicher hinten.
Patrick L.
Patrick L.
30. April, 2024
Sehr freundliches und ambitioniertes Team rund um das Thema Kaffee. Der Cappuccino war top, auch das Ambiente passt. In diesem Café sitzt man gerne.

About us ...

Our company is committed to making a positive impact in all our activities. We value honesty, openness, a straightforward and quality-oriented approach, as well as sustainability. These principles are not only integral to our business philosophy but also shape our corporate culture.

Honesty forms the foundation of our business relationships, while openness and appreciation of different perspectives are the basis for innovation and adaptability. Our straightforward and quality-oriented approach allows us to operate efficiently and excellently in all areas. At the same time, we are committed to environmentally friendly practices and social responsibility in a sustainable manner.

These values are the key to our efforts to ensure optimal collaboration with all stakeholders and to create both economic success and social and environmental value.

Brew Spezialitätenkaffee
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