About Our Coffee

Let's embark on a journey into the world of our coffee. Our coffee is more than just a beverage; it's an experience that awakens the senses. In the following, we will explore the fascinating journey from the coffee bean to the cup to understand how our wonderful coffee is made.


The Coffee Bean

Our coffee begins its life as a tiny seed within the fruits of the coffee plant, also known as coffee cherries. These cherries are harvested in coffee farms around the world. The main growing regions are located in countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, and Vietnam. The coffee cherries are ready for harvest when they have a deep red color. Inside, they contain two beans surrounded by a thin shell.

The Harvest

The harvest of coffee cherries is a time-consuming and demanding task, often done by hand. Farmers must carefully select the ripe cherries to ensure that only the best ones are used for processing. In most cases, the harvest occurs once a year, with the exact timing depending on climatic conditions and the cultivation location. However, some regions experience a second harvest in the year, known as the "Fly Crop." Harvest time transforms coffee farms into vibrant centers of activity where traditions and culture play a significant role. The art of coffee farmers lies in selecting the ripest and highest-quality cherries to lay the foundation for premium coffee.

The Processing

After harvesting, the coffee cherries need to be processed to expose the beans. There are two main methods for processing coffee: the dry method and the wet method. In the wet method, the cherries are first pulped to remove the fruit pulp. Then, the beans are fermented, washed, and dried. In the dry method, the cherries are simply dried in the sun before being mechanically hulled. The choice of method depends on climatic conditions and traditions.

The Roasting

The green coffee beans left after processing are odorless and tasteless. It is only through roasting that coffee develops its characteristic aroma. During the roasting process, the chemical properties of the beans change. They lose moisture and increase in volume. The temperature and duration of the roasting vary depending on the desired roast level and aroma.

The roasting can be done at various levels, from light to dark. A light roast produces a mild and acidic coffee, while a dark roast yields a strong and bitter taste. The choice of roast level is an art and depends on the variety of beans and the preferences of the roaster.

Kaffee bei der Röstung
Spezialitätenkaffee - Großhandel

The Grinding

After roasting, the coffee beans are ground, with the coarseness of the grind playing a crucial role in coffee preparation.Coarse grind is ideal for French Press, while espresso requires a fine grind. Different brewing methods call for specific grind sizes that affect the flavor. Choosing the right grind is key to achieving the desired aroma and strength of your coffee.

The preparation

Coffee preparation is an art in itself. There are numerous methods to prepare the perfect coffee. For example, the espresso machine, the drip coffee maker, the French press, and the AeroPress. The choice of brewing method depends on personal preferences and available utensils.

Water plays a crucial role in the brewing process. The ideal water temperature ranges between 90 and 96 degrees Celsius, and the water should be fresh and not too hard.The extraction time, which is the duration the water is in contact with the coffee grounds, also influences the taste of the coffee.

The cup of coffee.

Finally, after all these steps, our coffee is ready to be enjoyed. A cup of coffee is more than just a beverage. It's a moment of calm, enjoyment, community, and inspiration.Whether you prefer your coffee black, with milk, sugar, or spices, the cup of coffee is a faithful companion in many situations in life.

Our coffee, from harvest to cup, is a wonderful journey that intertwines flavors and traditions from different parts of the world. It connects people, creates memories, and awakens the senses. Each cup is a little adventure waiting to be discovered by you.

Also, let's enjoy a cup of our beloved coffee together and fully immerse ourselves in the journey into the world of coffee. Our coffee is more than just a beverage – it's a passion and a joy of life.