Sproud: Vegan milk alternative made from pea protein


BREW Presents: Sproud - The Revolution of Vegan Milk Alternatives

Welcome to BREW, where coffee isn't just a passion, but also the commitment to present sustainable and innovative products. In our constant pursuit of excellent taste experiences aligned with our values, we have discovered a vegan milk alternative that not only enhances coffee enjoyment but also contributes to environmental conservation – Sproud. In this blog post, we'll delve deep into the world of this revolutionary milk alternative and unveil why Sproud is the perfect companion for our coffees.

Sproud: More Than Just a Milk Alternative

Sproud represents plant-based goodness at its finest. The foundation of this milk alternative is yellow peas, which not only provide amazing creaminess but are also rich in proteins. Compared to conventional milk alternatives like oat or almond milk, Sproud stands out with its unique composition and texture. But why did we choose Sproud at BREW?

Excellent Taste and Texture

The challenge with vegan milk alternatives often lies in finding the perfect taste and ideal texture. Sproud has managed to master this balance. The creamy and mild taste of Sproud perfectly complements our high-quality coffee without overshadowing the beverage's inherent character.

Sustainability in Focus

One of the main reasons Sproud made its way to BREW is the company's relentless dedication to sustainability. The production of Sproud requires far fewer resources like water and land compared to traditional cow's milk. Additionally, the carbon footprint is significantly reduced. These aspects are crucial for us at BREW as we strive not only to perfect our coffee enjoyment but also to contribute to environmental conservation.

Allergen-Friendly and Free From Additives

Sproud is not only suitable for vegans but also for people with various allergies. The milk alternative is free from nuts, soy, gluten, and other common allergens. Furthermore, it contains no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. This aligns perfectly with our philosophy at BREW of using high-quality and pure ingredients.

Versatile in Application

Sproud doesn't just shine in coffee. Whether in smoothies, cereals, or for cooking – the milk alternative effortlessly integrates into various recipes. The versatility of Sproud allows us at BREW to offer our customers a wide range of beverage options without compromising on quality or ethics.

BREW and Sproud: Together for a Sustainable Future

In the partnership with Sproud, we at BREW see not only an expansion of our offerings of vegan options but also a step towards a more sustainable future. The philosophies of both companies, combining quality and environmental consciousness, perfectly harmonize with each other. We are proud to present Sproud in our product range and look forward to continuing to offer our customers innovative and sustainable taste experiences.

So, the next time you enjoy a coffee at BREW, let Sproud accompany you and experience the perfect fusion of taste, ethics, and sustainability – a delight that pleases not only the palate but also the conscience. Cheers to a sustainable and delicious future!

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